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Making bright


Making bright(メイキングブライト)は



Be overwhelmed by the brilliance of your wedding!

“Making bright”: a brand born from the ideas of “Brilliant Light” and “Making You Shine”.
We craft the ideal dress, meeting all your requirements.
Bringing together expertise and craftsmanship,
and paying careful attention to each detail,
we make your vision into reality: from initial design, to fitting and decoration.
The finished wedding dress will fit your body lines naturally and gently,
creating a beautiful silhouette.
We hope to create a “special dress” which will fill you with joy.

Brand Story


We place importance on the “partnership” between client and designer.
Our wedding dresses and color dresses embody five core principles.



あなたが過ごした時間や彼との大切な思い出、家族への感謝の思いがあなたらしいウェディングドレスを形創ります。Making brightではあなたの「こんなドレスが着たかった!」を叶えます。

Sense of the dramatic

A special day that will live in your memories for a lifetime. The unique design of your wedding dress will grow out of your life experiences, the time you have spent with your partner, and your feelings of love and gratitude for those around you. “This is the dress I always wanted to wear!”—With Making Bright, this dream can come true.



Making brightはミリ単位で設計されたオーダーメイドドレスです。
あなたのお身体に最高のフィット感を味わって頂きます。 体型の変化にも当日をお迎えするまで対応致します。 卓越した技術で型を創り出すパタンナーは、洗練されたシルエットを操り、きめ細やかな日本の職人がひとつひとつ丁寧にあなたの幸せを願いドレスを縫製致します。

Teamwork that brings together knowledge and experience

Making bright creates bespoke dresses measured to the millimeter. You’ll feel a perfect fit for your body. We’ll respond to any changes in your body shape, right up to the day that you pick up the dress. Our designers will use superior technology to shape a refined silhouette, and dedicated Japanese craftsmen will stitch your dress, ensuring your satisfaction with their careful attention to each detail.

Skill & Material


古くから伝わるオートクチュールの縫製技術を抽出し、現代的にアレンジし続けております。 アメリカ・ヨーロッパ・アジア諸国からあなたに似合うレースを選定し提案致します。 うっとりするほど繊細なレースと肌触りの良いストレッチ性素材を用いてお創りするドレスは、脱ぎたくないほど着心地の良いドレスになることを実感してください。

Time-tested skills and fashionable materials

We draw on haute couture sewing skills that have been passed down over the generations, while adapting to modern trends. We will find and suggest lace designs to suit you from across America, Europe, and Asia. Our dresses combine spellbindingly delicate lace designs with stretch materials that feel good against the skin. Experience dresses that feel so good, you won’t want to take them off.



※製作可能アイテム :ドレス・ヘッドドレス・アクセサリー・ベール・靴・ブーケ等

Accessorized to suit you

We will suggest the perfect accessories to complement your wedding dress. Please select everything together. Depending on your order, we can add an overskirt or other parts, so that the same dress can be worn two or three different ways.
※ We can manufacture items including dresses, headdresses, accessories, veils, shoes, and bouquets.




Weddings overseas, and other special requests

We support overseas weddings. “I want to dance in my dress”; “I want to go in the sea wearing my dress”; “I want a dress I can change into in three seconds”—no matter your request, we will work with you to meet your needs and design a convenient production schedule.